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Remember years ago when you first got your email address, it was amazing, this wonderfully empty inbox, it didn’t stay that way for long though and there’s one thing that is a crutch to all of us, newsletters/subscriptions, whatever you want to call them, they take up precious space in your inbox and time trying to filter through it (unless you run your emails through Google Apps that semi-filters your subscriptions).

UnrollMe - Mass Unsubscribe There is a God

Meet Unroll.Me a genius unsubscriber creation that goes through your emails and finds everything you’ve ever subscribed to (and even the things you never subscribed to – see #9 on Jo Saunders Pulse article). This nifty and simple website is an easy no brainer website that after a few clicks of your buttons you can clear all the unwanted things you subscribed to over the years your email address has existed. The added bonus is that the emails you do want to keep you can roll up into one big email roll.

Unroll.Me don’t charge for this service, all they ask is that you tell others about it through social. The possibility is that the makers of Unroll.Me are looking to gain access to the mass amounts of data in terms of email and subscription behaviors, these reports would surely be of value to someone, somewhere. How much access to your data is difficult to find out and is perhaps my only concern. Ultimately much in the way that Facebook collects data on the things you like, I’m not too stressed about what data they’re collecting from our subscription behaviors. Having a paid option would be a nice thing option to have to disallowing them to use any data they collect from us. Ultimately it’s a small price to pay for uncluttered emails.

UnRollMe unsubscriber tool totals

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