Twitter and/or Facebook Hacking beware the “short url”

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[jpshare]So Twitter and/or Facebook hacking with a link isn’t really a new thing they just got better (or worse – depending on your standpoint at their lead in to making you want to click the link.  My blogs ARE pretty awesome and I might be undervaluing myself here for a moment but they’re probably not as hilarious as stated here:

Twitter Hacking
When you follow any “short url” links from Facebook or Twitter be sure you are careful of the following:

a. What apps you’re giving permission to get access to all your stuff on social media.
b. The website address in the address bar matches the source website that is asking you to log in.  If it looks like Twitter/Facebook has all the same buttons as Twitter/Facebook but the address is not or in the address bar chances are it’s NOT Twitter or Facebook.

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