Top 5 Facebook “faux pas”


[fblike]Top 5 Facebook “faux pas” in no particular order:

Top 5 Facebook Faux Pas

5.  “Hi from your newest liker…” no joke as a business owner and someone who promotes their business through Facebook this is the single most annoying post to see on your page, it screams desperation.  Stop it. Instead engage in conversation on my page, there are plenty of opportunities to do this. Not only will it add value to my page but it will add value to yours as well.

4. When I see content from someone else’s Facebook page with the Facebook page address of the other page, on someone else’s Facebook page. If the share button had been clicked, I would have no issue, the fact that the image has “right click downloaded” and then uploaded is a copyright violation, the risks to you losing your business page is actually quite high, have a read of the term Creative Commons and make sure the content is either your own original stuff or under the creative commons licence.  I hear half of you saying “Yeah, but it has their Facebook page address on there so what’s the harm?” How many times exactly have you gone to the effort of typing in the Facebook page address that is on the image? Exactly. Stop it.

3. When I get a friend request from a profile that isn’t a real person, by this I mean that the name on the profile is in the name of the business.  The risk to your business is that if that account is blocked by Facebook and they decide to block it based on IP address (the number that is assigned to your computer) getting it unblocked is impossible and by impossible, I mean, not possible at all.  Facebook is not the type of company where you get a slap on the wrist and beg for forgiveness because you didn’t know.  They are not your friend, hell they’re not even my friend and I’m in the agency program.  Not reading the T&C’s is no excuse.  Stop it.

2. Starting up a Facebook Group instead of a Page. There are so many reasons as to why this is not useful to your business, which I’m going to address in another blog post, I know why people do, I understand building a business “like” page is much harder, just stop it.

1. Businesses that only ever sell on their Facebook page, BUY NOW, FOR SALE, GET A GREAT DEAL, LIKE US FOR…..  I’m not on Facebook to buy things, I do buy things off Facebook, but not when I’m being yelled at on a regular basis.  Stop it.