Social Media streamlining and why it gives me Heebie Jeebies.

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[fblike]The unfortunate thing in Australia when it comes to marketing is that simply it isn’t very good, in fact it hasn’t been any good for quite some time.  This has resulted in a audience that idly switches channels due to the lack of creative engagement from advertising companies.

Working in the Social Media space there is nothing more frustrating then coming across a client who has been informed by another social media “expert” that streamlining their social media is the best thing to do.  So instead of valuing your audience by creating different content to meet the different target audiences, treat them like idiots and hope that they will blindingly follow you on every Social Media platform “Just Coz”.

To post the same content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would be nothing short of printing the same news article in competing newspapers, what exactly would be the point for the reader to buy different newspapers if they’re just reporting the same news.

Since Facebook came into existence, the way your customers base now shops has changed forever, allowing customers to build what can only be described as a personal relationship with their favorite brands.  The opportunity for a marketing revolution is still waiting to happen.

One example of what was an outstanding marketing campaign would be the OREO daily twist campaign over 100 days to celebrate 100 years of OREO make a different and unique cookie for the fans to share, scouring the internet for news worthy items or rather cookie worthy items.

It’s not just about branding.  It’s something much more and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

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