Social Media 1hr Q&A – 24th August 2013


#OTOTGo Social Media Q&A session

So we ran a Social Media Q&A on our Facebook page as a bit of an experiment, thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if we gave anyone and everyone a hour to ask whatever burning questions that might have about Social Media.

The result was far from what I expected.  I can’t even really tell you what I was expecting however the result was some really clever questions.  The questions actually left me excited about the future of Social Media and what it can truly achieve.

This experiment also served as a bit of a reminder that as a team we know a lot about the social media space, which occasionally like most business owners we lose focus on whats important and feel like small fries in comparison to others.  It turns out what we’re doing as a business is completely on track and in fact ahead of our competition in the space.

I had a few people in the social media industry space in Perth, of which I have a great deal of respect for, message me after the online event and tell me how excited they were for me.  This might seem like a silly reaction but it’s always a deep compliment to hear these things from your peers and that you’re doing the right thing.

Despite a small hiccups of the “reply” function making things a little tricky to navigate around and the inability to turn off the “Top Post” & “Recent Post” functions it went surprisingly well (we were expecting doom) and with a couple of our brand advocates there as well (including my mother) it didn’t end up in chaos after all.

To read the posts from the Q&A session you can find screenshots of the Q&A on our Facebook Page HERE