Set Your Facebook Page Address


[fblike]One of the top issue I see with most Facebook pages is that the page address hasn’t been set, it usually looks something like this:

A few issues this presents.

a.  This is really hard to fit onto any of your print material (ie: business cards) due to it’s sheer length.
b.  Nobody is going to type that off a poster (I have seen this done by a rather popular pizza brand in WA which doesn’t work due to them removing the number at the end.)
c. If you page address is not set, often it doesn’t become *indexed* in either Facebook search or Google search engines, so people can’t find you.

There are two ways you can set this, I’m going to show you the easiest:

1. Go here :
2. You will see a drop down box where you can select your page, if like us you are an admin/manager on multiple pages it will give you a selection.  (note you must have manager access to the page, if you are a content creator there are restrictions in place that does not give you permission to set the page address.


3. The user name cannot have any “spaces” or “special characters” as this will become your Facebook “web address”/”url”.

Try to ensure that the username is consistent with your business branding, on the odd occasion that your business page name has already been claimed (remember Facebook is international) try adding Australia or Oz or if that doesn’t help then contact us for some brainstorming ideas. (Membership forum should be up soon but until then send us a message through our website contact form).