Planning tools : Our present to you for Christmas.

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Planning Tools

The importance of disconnecting with the ever increasing noise of the Internet is growing. Social media makes it almost impossible to focus on tasks and our self belief in our knowledge base is warped by the fact that there is just so much information on the Internet that we feel that we have to fact check all the time.

Here are some the tools we use to help us and our clients disconnect and plan their social media and advertising campaigns. There is a wonderful quote that someone recently shared with me that seems pertinent:

“A lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.”

In the advertising and marketing space, a 3 month lead time in preparation is so important when executing a successful campaign. Most Christmas campaigns are already organised for launch by the end of October, launching last-minute plans always leaves things up for unnecessary stress and leaves room for mistakes to occur, so plan.

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