#OTOTGoTip : Protect your Facebook Friends List

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There are a few reasons to protect your friends, early on in my business I had a few people connect with me that I didn’t know, how they found me was through business colleagues who had open/public friends lists, their approach is what I often feel like it makes the rest of us in Sales & Marketing look bad, here’s their strategy:

Go through friends list of business person that they have met at a networking function, look through their friends list and send a friend request to all of their friends and then send a message saying “I see that we have some mutual friends… blah blah insert bullshit line… more blah blah… now that we’ve established a relationship of trust blah blah based on the fact that we have mutual friends… by the way I’ve got this event/product/mlm/service that you should buy.”

The trouble with this strategy is that I know every single person I’m connected with on Facebook, anybody that I haven’t met has generally been introduced to me in some way shape or form, so when you tell me we have mutual friends and they haven’t introduced you, I’m going to call our mutual friend and ask about you.

The second reason you want to protect your friends list is to protect yourself against online scams like this one here.

To edit the privacy around your friends list first go to your profile on Facebook, than click on Friends just under your cover photos, under this there will be a small pencil tool on the right hand side next to the +Find Friends and then Edit Privacy.

OTOTGo Facebook Personal Profile - Protect Your friends - 01

Once you’re in this section change everything to Only Me and click Done.

OTOTGo Facebook Personal Profile - Protect Your friends - 02

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