Negative news shouldn’t sell any more – Facebook community standards

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[jpshare]I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m really getting tired of the news circus of doom & gloom.  In particular this piece of sensationalised, badly informed, crap from the Washington Examiner:

Facebook says

“Now before you all get your knickers in a twist and lose your minds at me hear what I have to say first on why this is sensationalised horse shit.”

A little while back there was a post that went very viral very quickly about a girl named in Keely Currie and we wrote a blog article about it – you can read about this here.

The Internet does a good enough job of taking things out of context and it’s truly not helped by the media.  Journalists used to be respected because they researched their topic they “investigated the truth” now it just seems they’ll cling onto anything that will sell newspapers or advertising.  What happened in the case of Keely Currie after some statements made and then a “friend” (seriously with friends like these who need enemies) thought they would pretend to be her for a while and see how much attention they could get.  A hate page, actually several hate pages were started, one reached over 5,000 “likes” in less than 18 hours.

Now why am I telling you all of this?  In the process of reporting these pages and many others that I report in my day-to-day use of Facebook I received the same messages from Facebook that are mentioned in the Washington Examiner article.

A few things to put it all into perspective:

1. In an article on Inside Facebook in 2012 it hosts over 42 million pages – it goes without saying that this is probably a much bigger number two years later.

2. The reporting system is automated.  Keep reporting the page until it gets a secondary review by a real person – report again and be mindful how many pages there are and how many might be getting reported and understand the fact that Facebook doesn’t have the people power to sit and manage these instantaneously – they’re constantly innovating – developing better tools for businesses – it is simply a ridiculous expectation.

3. If it violates the community standards – report the page – persist – get your friends to help – when we had the Keely Currie pages removed it took about 10 of us reporting these pages and escalating when the automated system (that isn’t perfect) didn’t work.

A while back there was a similar situation to this – different topic but the same sentiments resonated about Facebook removing pages that promoted sexual violence as a knee jerk response Facebook ran a script that picked out particular key phrases and as a result pages that had nothing to do with the issue like a Facebook page on a book written about the History of Witch Hunts in one foul swoop was removed along with the authors and artist of the book having their personal accounts banned.

I’m going to leave off with this point – the issue is not the platform itself the issue here is people suck – not all people just some people – the types of people who start these pages are full of hate and anger and really everyone needs a good reminder of the one real carnal “rule of the Internet.” otherwise known as “Wheatons Law” which basically states:

“Don’t be a dick.” 

Even better – as a global community let’s not get dragged down by the 10% of dick heads in the world and take what’s said in the media in the context of a publication that purely survives because we all cater to the sensationalism – Love is all we need.

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