Checking Scheduled Content


Checking Scheduled Content

There are a few times when you may want to check what content is Scheduled and when.  For example, if you’re working late one night Scheduling content and the next day you want to make sure that what you’ve Schedued is coherent (I may have done this once or twice…). There is also the occasional technical issue with Facebook where it doesn’t look like a post has gone out and in an effort to repair the problem you end up unintentionally reposting the same status several times. Or you might have scheduled something relating to an event that didn’t end up happening.

In the workshops we run we use this as an example:

  1. You are a wedding celebrant and you have been booked to perform a ceremony tomorrow, so you Schedule a post congratulating the couple on their beautiful wedding.
  2. The groom doesn’t show up to the wedding and leaves the bride-to-be jilted at the altar.
  3. Your post goes out at its Scheduled time: 10 minutes past when the ceremony should have finished.
  4. #fail

To check what posts you have Scheduled, click on the Edit Page button in the Admin Panel and select Use Activity Log; your content will be listed there.