Marketing 101 : Being an ethical business

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What does it mean to run an ethical business. For starters there is a difference between someone who wants what you’ve got and someone whose fishing for what your delivering to their competitors.

It’s not the first time this series of events has happened where a client’s competitor has contacted us, I doubt very much that it will be the last time either, my head stays in a perpetual place of hilarity when it does happen. We have a client (Shandell) who runs a boutique hair salon in Mundaring, she’s been a mentoring client for the better part of three months, she’s been a fan of our page for longer, we’re not shy about our clients and proactively talk about them on a regular basis, these are a few of the reasons:

1. It gives us street cred & helps us promote what we do without annoying the shit out of you and constantly bombarding you with crappy sales-y content.

2. It gives our clients brand awareness to our very active and loyal audience.

3. Creates opportunities for brand advocacy for anyone/everyone involved.

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One of my highest personal values is loyalty, and count myself very blessed that I have managed to attract the same in my clients. When Shandell became a client she had done her homework, she came to a Digital Marketing Exposed event where I was one of the presenters, she had already been following our Facebook page and interacted in conversations on there and she read our blogs on our website, there’s not much that goes unnoticed by me in the online world, most of our clients I’ve done my fair amount of stalking (research) online before even replying to their messages to check where they’re at, it’s due diligence.

I’ve realised recently I have a certain level of awareness, primarily I think maybe it’s because I’m not a money orientated, I believe that money is a natural outcome from serving clients. I genuinely love what I do, I love having creative genius moments (sleep deprivation, no internet and a midnight flight helps), I thrive off change (for anyone in the social media space they’re very aware of just how many changes we go through on a monthly sometimes weekly basis – recent updates with power editor being our main changes to contend with), we’re also not starving for business, not trying to sound like we’re the best thing since sliced bread, nobody is perfect and we’ve definitely got holes in our own marketing (my newsletter is the very bane of my existence right now). The key is that we just won’t work with our clients competitors, it’s not ethical, the exception to this is something like this where we have multiple photography clients but they populate different niche markets who require a different sort of marketing solution an example would be a boudoir photographer markets very differently to a newborn photographer or wedding photographer, the language is different, the way the clients react when they buy are completely different, they’re after different clients, not the same clients, not actually competitors.

Years ago when I was running one of our regular workshops, in the middle of a workshop I had one of my competitors, the person who they had partnered up with had started messaging my clients who were in the middle of attending my workshop, informing them to go to their workshop instead, that clearly my workshop wasn’t good enough if their attention was on this persons message, it was a bit of a dick move and a little desperate if they felt that trying to steal my clients was the way to go, there’s 1.2 million users in WA on Facebook, it’s not like there’s a shortage of people on here.

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