I don’t hate my competition – I just wish they’d do the right thing.

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I’m not the kind of business owner who gets threatened by competition I’m quite the opposite and instead pray that they’re going to be awesome, push us to do better, be better and strive to innovate more.  What often happens is that the people who focus on things that arn’t our core business but are technically our competitors end up becoming strategic partners but only when I see that they know what they’re doing.

Today I saw the following ad:


Their business name for what should be obvious reasons have been blocked out by some comical stickers I found.

When I look at this Facebook Ad it looks like and sounds like a Facebook endorsed event so typically when I follow the link to “Learn More” I was kind of expecting it to go to a Facebook branded/owned site not a site claiming to be Australia’s only dedicated social media research and training business they’ve clearly never met me.


Facebook’s Ad policy is pretty clear on this as shown above.  On further digging I look at their Facebook page only to find most of their content is largely external links with very little engagement on their page itself.  I find myself once again a little disappointed – I’d like to go to one of their workshops to see what they’ve got on offer however charging over $1,000 on the promise to save people several thousands of dollars and I don’t know who’s presenting makes me uncomfortable in parting with my money.

On an entirely seperate matter we run 2 hr workshops on a range of different topics to do with how to better use Facebook for $99 and will be releasing dates soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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