How to stop Candy Crush invites on Facebook

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We all have that one friend, in fact you might be that particular friend, you can’t get through the 98th level, you’ve played the same level for weeks now and just can’t seem to move past it, it’s time to throw in the towel and what was once a fun game has now turned into a spectacular form of masochism, you’ve un-installed the app and you are well on way to freedom except for that friend who is new to the game and is sending you game requests every five seconds, they did the same thing with Farmville and your Facebook experience is looking less like friends and family and more like a “Gamers Anonymous” where people can’t seem to curb their addiction, or their only solution seems to be disconnect Facebook.

*Please note that the following is for desktop access, if you do not have desktop access use your mobile browser to use “desktop view” of Facebook instead of attempting to do this through the app.

How to block the Candy Crush app step one
Step One : Click on the Padlock symbol at the top of your Facebook on Desktop
the See More Settings at the bottom of the list.





Block the app invites for Candy Crush
Click on Blocking and scroll the to bottom of this page until you find Block Apps enter in Candy Crush Saga as you type it should find it and display it in a list below the box, select your appropriately annoying app and hit the Enter key on your keyboard and viola no more Candy Crush.

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