How to AVOID big roaming bills with a smartphone.


It is constantly on Today Tonight & A Current Affair about how people are getting extraordinarily large & terrifying bills when they go overseas.

In PLAIN ENGLISH:  If you don’t take these precautions, you will on average pay AU$20/Mb, that’s equivalent to ONE email.

10 minutes on Facebook will cost you about AU$300.
3 Average App/Game updates (which are often automatic) is about AU$500.

We thought it might be a good idea to give you the best advice on how to avoid these scary bills while you go away on your holidays.

1.) Make sure Data Roaming is turned off on your handset.

For iPhone Users: Settings >General >Network >Data Roaming Off

For Android Users: Settings > Wireless and network >Mobile Network > Untick the box that says Data roaming.

An alternative way to turn off data roaming on Android smart phones is to hold down the power button until it gives you the options of “Silent Mode” “Data Network Mode” and “Flight Mode” and make sure the Data Network Mode is Deactivated.

2.) Ask your mobile provider to place Internet Barring on your account before you leave.

Even though you have gone to the extent of switching off the Internet on the phone on occasions, it still manages to go back on (majority of the time it’s your teenage children who can’t live five minutes without Facebook).  By barring 3G internet on your account, you know that your phone won’t be doing any pesky app/games updates while your overseas.  *make sure you ask the operator that you speak to for their ID number, or a reference number for the call – so that if in the case they forget to press a button somewhere, you have a reference to give them to fix it.

3.) If you absolutely can’t live without the Internet, USE WIFI!

Most hotels and coffee shops overseas have free WIFI hot-spots that you can use – and this is something that you can investigate before you book your hotel.  Take note that “Free Internet” often doesn’t mean “Free Wifi” – wherever possible, endeavor to contact the hotel before getting there and ask the front desk or concierge.

4.) Enjoy a Holiday!

We are living in a world now where everyone feels that they constantly need to be connected.  Even the crew here at Office & Training On The Go turn our phones off once in a while to have a break.  Give it a try!  The worst thing that could happen is that you might enjoy your holiday.