How much should I pay to have a website?


[jpshare] “How much should I pay to have a website?” Often we get asked this question and over the years my opinion gets slightly more jaded.  Very early on it was realised that websites was NOT something we wanted to do and the process to find honest, reliable, passionate, industry partners seemed even harder.

I’m going to approach this question in three different ways, from the new business start-up, the established business that has had a growth spurt and the old business that needs some revitalising.

For the new business start-up:

Paying $2,000 – $10,000 for a website when you’re just starting your business seems like a lot, now depending on the industry sometimes just a web presence helps to add to your credibility.  Often what happens is that the task of building a website will fall on a family member or one of your kids “mates” who did a website once at university because it will cost you a carton of beer, or a $200 cash job.

             “You get what you pay for.”

If you go the avenue of the “mate” or “family member” webjobbie, lower any expectations that this is going to be a whiz bang blow your socks off website.  If you don’t like it; learn to code.

For the business that needs something new:

Be willing to fork out up to at least $2,000 for a decent brochure website and sometimes up to $10,000 if you’re rolling out an online store.  Trust that the web designer knows what they’re doing.

Using descriptive sentences like:

              “I just want it to ‘pop’ or ‘sizzle’ more!”

does not and will not help anyone and will cause the web designer to have a small seizure or proceed to bash their head against a wall when you use such vernaculars.

Go in with some examples of other websites you like, be prepared to go back and forth a few times to get it *right* be aware that there are sometimes limitations to just how much your website can or should do.

Who do we recommend?

It’s taken us a while to find some trustworthy web designers but here are some local Perth designers who we trust and recommend to our clients in no particular order.