Get to know the Shambolic Wrangler

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What the heck is a Shambolic Wrangler?

Does anyone else imagine a Shambolic Wrangler to be wearing a cowboy hat and have a lasso looped over its shoulder.

Or maybe a wild head of hair, and a jumpsuit circa 1970’s in coloured stripes and don’t forget the platform shoes!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG fan of a good pair of shoes! And I admit, the right cowboy hat makes everyone look powerful and a little sexy. Alas, I am neither the cowboy or the gogo dancer (well, lets say I wear neither).

My name is Kylie, and I am the Shambolic Wrangler for OTOTGo.

Shambolic wrangler is just a really cool way of saying Organiser, or Receptionist, or Facilitator.

My job is to make sure chaos doesn’t get a look in within business. Have you ever noticed how life can bleed into the work you do, disrupt your day, turn you away from the task at hand and have you going off track? This is what I prevent. I bring order, structure, determination and I keep us all on track.

Yes it’s true I’m a Virgo, it’s also true that I have the emotional capacity of a snail, but combined it means I’m great at my job and I love it!

I laugh in the face of deadlines and I ignore anyone who says we can’t possibly ‘take on that job, complete that task, find the expertise required for that singularly weird requirement’

OTOTGo and I, we are taking the idea of a well oiled machine and transforming it into something a cowboy hat & platform shoes wearing office girl will invent.  

If you’re not sure I can live up to my name, challenge me. What is it that you require from OTOTGo? Contact us and we can show you what the real benefits of having a Shambolic Wrangler on the team are 🙂img_5488

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