Fraud On Facebook – How to spot them.


[fblike]FRAUD ALERT! (read & share – be cyber aware)

There seems to be an increase lately in the amount of Fraud on Facebook that is happening one of which is where you are friend requested by someone you were already connected to.

If you do get a friend request and you thought you were already connected, start listening carefully when they start talking to you. They use words they would normally never use and it doesn’t sound like them at all. Here’s what to do:

  • Find the original profile send them a message asking about the other profile.
  • Cross check information that isn’t obviously displayed on their profile. In this case I had an old work colleague, I mentioned that it had been ages since I’d seen them not since our “Optus” days (we worked for Telstra).
  • Congratulate them on a new job – that they don’t really have and would never work at – “Oh by the way congratulations on the new job at the Zoo.”
  • Go to the *fake* profile and next to the message button click on the sprocket and “Report/Block”. (see picture below)

Fraud on Facebook

Most of the time the conversation is very obviously not from someone you would know.

This “friend” who connected with me was an old work colleague and had declared in private message that he had won the lottery and I should connect with another person because my name was also on the list to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  He also had this strange obsession with the word “cool”, this is a word he would never use in conversation.

If I believed everything that was said on the internet the following would be true:

• I have $11million dollars 10 times over from my mobile number specially being selected.

• My recently deceased relative from a country we’ve never been to has billions of dollars worth of diamonds waiting for me, all I need to do is sign a blank piece of paper and give them an account number to transfer the money.

• All of the banks want us to be extra super careful even if we don’t have an account with them.

• Our PC is always at risk because everyone in our “area” are at risk even when they can’t tell me what area I’m in.

There are some other scams I could talk about, like the “dating” scams on Facebook however I will leave that for another day and another blog.