Facebook Schedule Planner


[fblike]For a Facebook Schedule Planner.  Sometimes the best tools are the simplest ones.  We still use this for ourselves and the client pages we manage.

Download: OTOTGo Facebook Schedule

When you change the “Start date” in DD/MM/YYYY format all other date boxes for that spreadsheet will auto populate.

You could also just use this to plan what kind of topics you want to discuss on your Facebook Page, anyone who has done any business coaching would call it almost a default diary for your marketing if you’re stuck for ideas on what to write about, for example:

– Find Historical Facts about your industry.
– Funny Story at work.

– Have an Online Q & A.

– Share your website blog.
– Share something about a team member.

– Share a brand advocates or industry partner content.
– Discussions on something topical/current.

– A famous quote by someone in your industry or talking about something to do with your industry.
– Have your Event/Service/Product promotion. (Make sure that you start promoting your events three weeks ahead.)

Ask your fans a question.