Facebook Embedded Comments – It’s ABOUT TIME!?


[fblike] There is this wonderful that has happened.  I wished for something (Facebook embedded comments) literally a week ago and wished for it really really hard and Facebook made it happen and then I found it by accident.  Admittedly this happens quite a lot.

“I press lots of buttons to see how much I can break Facebook – no really…”

The developers like most programmers hide buttons from the normal non-programmer people and because we are in the business of translating nerd for the normal people it helps that we can help people understand the thought processes of a nerd.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it is the announcement relating to embedded posts. Some of you might be thinking yeah sure there are plugins that do that already “so what”.

Facebook Embedded Post

The issue I have with using 3rd party plug-ins/tools (for those the not so tech savvy, it means someone that doesn’t work for Facebook coded/programmed it) relating to social media is that when Facebook does an update to their systems – which is constant and almost weekly – it results in the plugin breaking so when it comes directly from Facebook which is the case here, the downtime is reduced.

So what does it mean to embed a post? See the little box below this article? It means you can drive conversation to your Facebook page and too a particular post. For the online road map it means that there is this lovely synergy (I *hate this word but I can’t think of another one) between your website/blog/articles and your social media.

I was having a conversation about this last week with a colleague in the same industry, she had asked why I had comments turned off our website – like most people we use a WordPress platform to which my reply was that I have always wanted to drive the conversation to our social media – it’s a bit of a reverse strategy to most businesses but we feel the best conversations happens there and if we’re going to be considered one of the best in this evolving industry it makes sense that we practice what we preach.

No this is not really new – but being provided from Facebook it is – and it’s beautiful.

Additional Readings: Read the announcement from the Developers of Facebook