Facebook Competitions the rule change


Facebook made an announcement yesterday in relation to a rule change for business page Facebook competitions & promotions.  There are a few self professed “experts” in the field of social media who are among the flurry of people who have rushed to share this glorious news.  I’ve never been keen on being the first to announce things, first to try and break things sure, but the first to announce it usually results in wires getting crossed, things being misunderstood and mistakes being made.

The social media industry space has a growing need for clear understanding and compliance, the risk to our business and to our clients business is huge if that understanding isn’t there.  A good promotion takes good planning, co-ordination & execution.

A good Facebook promotion takes good planning, co-ordination & execution.I have never been a big fan of competitions – not because I don’t like to win stuff (I mean really, who doesn’t?) it’s primarily because there is a poor lack of execution.  The lack of execution comes from people who don’t have a grasp of a few things, one is on legislation in running competitions in Australia (they’re different in every state) and then they also a lack what I would consider basic marketing 101.

The item that I see put out for people to win, often results in a poor leverage and some days it just makes me rock back and forth in a corner to cry.

Example:  Your business sells refrigerators you run a Facebook competition to “Win a free iPad” (really this has been done to death) the people you are going to attract to your business are the people who want the free iPad.

Now let’s say you actually gave away one of your products like a brand new Samsung French Door Refrigerator (Samsung, I’m telling you I’m your biggest brand advocate guys and I want, nay need this fridge) you are targeting an audience that actually WANT what you’ve got and the possibility of sales conversation of the people who actually went in to buy the product you’re selling is much higher.

Let me correct a few things that I’ve already seen posted around the place – running competitions on Facebook is not NEW, in fact you’ve always been able to run them, there was and still are some requirement.  Originally the requirement was that you use an external application (website) to collect entrants.

As always Facebook have provided some pretty awesome and simple guidelines that Facebook give in their “Promotions” guidelines that I encourage everyone to read thoroughly.  If you need more assistance with this shoot us a message on our Facebook Page.