Disconnect social media…


must – turn – off – technology

So I disconnect social media.  Yes, yes it does happen, maybe not as much as it should but it happens.  I was going through photos that a friend and colleague Sky Simone took of me a little while back and it has taken me until now to get myself organised to write this article about my inability to disconnect from my Facebook, Twitter, Internet in general and my mobile phone.

It may come as no surprise that I’m a teeny tiny bit of workaholic – in fact taking time off can be a lot more effort in my brain to process then just working stupid-crazy-hours.  What might surprise you though is that while it might look like I’m online all the time, I’m not. I do sleep and as I’ve gotten older wow do I love my sleep.

It’s taken me so long to learn the behavior of when to disconnect from my social media and a really really long time to get to this place of proactively finding ways to disconnect.  Even just switching off my brain is hard (I’ve taken up crocheting to see if I can actually switch my brain off with some repetitive actions).  There’s a lot of stuff going on my up in my brain and I feel like sometimes there’s not enough room.

I’m going to explain that where these bad habits came from.  Essentially it was pre-programmed into me as a child.  I, like many of my generation had a parent who suffered from insomnia, they would wake me up at 1am or 2am to watch the David Letterman Show mostly because I think they wanted the company not realising that this would subsequently become my behavior and are probably what I consider (albeit annoyingly) my “normal hours of highest productivity”.

So I’ve made a list of things I do to “disconnect”.  Understand that these things are physically hard to do and take a lot of my brain power to get done but here it goes:

1. Turning off my mobile phone at night.
2. Disconnecting my internet so that I don’t have everything that the internet has to offer to distract me.
3. Limiting the times I answer my emails to 10am – 11am and 3pm – 4pm (this has taken me what feels like forever to get into the habit of doing).
4. Try to find a place to camp in Western Australia that has no mobile phone coverage (Telstra’s networks improved and my quiet time away, became less quiet).

If anyone has any tips on what “you” do to walk away from your technology & social media, I would love to hear them on our Facebook page or tweet me @OTOTGo. So until next time – disconnecting for now. Ming.