Our Brand Evolution – You can’t always prepare for change.


[jpshare]The OTOTGo Brand Evolution

The Vistaprint Era

OTOTGo Brand Evolution - The Vistaprint Era When you started in business you undoubtedly went for the Vistaprint business cards.  Why? Well they were stupidly cheap, we couldn’t afford a logo designer and we figured no one else would possibly use the same template as us within a 50 kilometer radius. Who doesn’t like free business cards? Yes we did this, guilty as charged.

This was also a time when I was still actually figuring out what my business offered. When I registered my business name I registered Office On the Go & Training On The Go as separate entities with the big dream I was going to become this multinational corporation that was going to run multiple businesses and take over the world.


The Vistaprint Era – Mark II

OTOTGo Brand Evolution - The Vistaprint Era - Mark II I think it might have only been 3 months after we had launched at the Mining Expo that I decided to take another go at a better design of our business cards at the same time I was also working on improving our website and went with almost mirroring the website design with our business cards.

I remember thinking that at one point I was getting a bit “over” getting asked all the time “So, what do you do?” – Later on I realised that it didn’t matter how much information you tried to shove on a business card, people were always going to ask you “What do you do?” These were now slightly upmarket Vistaprint business cards now that I had uploaded my own design.


The most expensive business card I’ve ever had.

OTOTGo Brand Evolution   In terms of WOW FACTOR, these had it.  I was always without a USB drive when I really needed one so this started out as something I was looking for to solve this dilemma. Each card had 4gb each and from memory cost us something like $12 each, which meant we didn’t get many and were stupidly protective of handing them out.

The sales process and follow up customer service from the guy I dealt with from a company named Flashbay was really awesome.




Designed by Louise Miller

OTOTGo Brand Evolution It is important to note that Louise was a very big part of my business in the early stages and before she moved on to travel a different path she designed this business card.  

It was the first time we really had something that looked a lot more professional and clean. It was also the first step of letting go and trusting someone else to design our business cards.

I’m not sure if Louise ever knew this but for me it was a big step to hand over the reigns to something that I had held so close. We were also going through a bit of a “QR CODES are amazing!” stage which was another venture that sort of stayed in the back burner.



Designed by Tegan Taudigani – Decided by the fans!

4th-BusinessCard I really can’t say enough nice things about Tegan!  In terms of making a process completely seamless she did this.  After months of beating my head against a wall I finally turned to Tegan and asked if she could help me with our re-branding.

We were changing our name from Office & Training On The Go to something slightly more vague “OTOTGo”.  The reasoning was that Office & Training On The Go didn’t really encompass the services we offered, we had evolved beyond our business name into area’s we were really passionate about and we took this to mean that our “Logo” needed to be a lot clearer in the message.

Tegan came back with two incredible logos and put me in the tough position of making a decision, in fact it was so difficult to choose we handed it over to our fans to decide.  I want to note that at the beginning of the conversation on our Facebook page.

I had decided that out of the two logos I was leaning towards “Brains” because it was quirky and different as a result of the conversation on our Facebook we ended up choosing “Clicky”. The most incredible realisation that came out of this was that our fans knew our business, better then we did.

So tell us, has your business/brand gone through an evolution?