Anzac Day joke goes out of control


[fblike]It’s days like this that I lose a little faith in humanity. Where hatred rears it’s ugly little head and people follow in what can only be described as a hateful sheep mentality. As a country we’re better then that, or are my expectations too high?

If you missed what I’m about to talk about it is most likely because you were busy going about your day. You recognised a minutes silence for the fallen soldiers that fought for our freedom.  Freedom we express on a daily basis, with a roof over our heads and food to eat, jobs to go to, businesses to run, what I’m talking about was a kid’s practical joke that got completely out of hand.

Anzac Day post from Keely Currie was fakeThe Anzac Day post by Keely Currie was a Fake Post, and how exactly did I come across this post? A Facebook friend shared it of course in fact when I looked at where the post had originated from, in a matter of hours it had already been shared over 1,600 times.  Hate is a scary scary thing online.

From what we know from digging a little deeper was that the original post came from an account that was Keely Curries ex-boyfriend with the profile name being changed to “Keely” but the profile address remaining in the name of the ex-boyfriend.

Then several other Facebook profile accounts started to pop up and then some “hate” pages started to blow things completely out of proportion with one page getting over 5,000 likes in less then 18 hours.  I mean I’ve heard of things going viral, this is not the kind of viral marketing anyone wants to encourage.

Hate moves fast...
On first reporting the page, Facebook’s ever frustrating “automatic” system didn’t see a problem and this had to be escalated 3 times in order for a “real human” to see the issue and the pages were shut down as of 28 minutes ago.

Anzac Day post from Keely Currie was fake and the page was eventually shut down

This highlights so many different issues :-

a. Where are the parents in all of this?
b. Kids truly aren’t prepared/responsible/rational enough to make good decisions online.
c. Neither are adults.
d. Hate spreads faster then Love.
e. The power of those in the social media community (see list below) will always stand up for those that don’t have a voice.

Special thanks goes to my peers in the Social Media industry:

Mel Rom from Social EDiquette
Victoria Judge from Expert Agency
Donna Hamer from Fanpage Competitions
Anita Kilkenny from AKA Virtual PA
Jo Saunders from Wildfire Social Marketing

For the moral support and assisting in the Facebook reporting process

Want to read more or help out?

See the article about “Chloe’s law” on the 60 minutes website:

Sign the petition to have bullying a crime punishable by law:

Have a friend or family member who has been bullied and suffering from depression and are seeking help?

Beyond Blue
Kids Helpline
Man Therapy

Update: 12/11/13 6:50pm – Since posting this there was an update stating that she was responsible and that she had made an awful mistake and she was sorry this is on one of the “profiles” of Keely. It is still determining if it is genuine. Regardless of weather not she did post it or not – the way that this has been handled online is still unacceptable.

People make mistakes ALL THE TIME! In fact adults make some pretty epic ones comparably to this. She may have said something she shouldn’t have, despite this, she does not deserve, death threats, people wishing her to get cancer or the bullying and harassment that would encourage a KID to take their life.No child deserves such abhorrent behavior from ADULTS.

To all the kids who are reading this, take this as a lesson, to all the adults who have taken part in the bullying – grow up. I mean it, we’re supposed to set examples for our children, what kind of example does this set?? You talk about honoring the soldiers that fought for our freedom, what would they think of how you’re treating this girl, I know that my grand father who fought during world war 2 would be rolling in his grave.