5 useful things to ask “Facebook Graph Search”


[fblike]First question is, do you have the new Facebook graph search function yet?

The best way to tell is your “Facebook search bar” has changed at the very top of your personal account.

This is the new Facebook search bar that includes Graph Search:


This is the old Facebook search bar:

The announcement for Facebook’s Graph Search, was made at the beginning of this year under a cloud of secrecy and anticipation.  Many of the media believing that Facebook was releasing their own mobile, rather then a new functionality with a bit of a boring name.  Graph Search has only now started to roll out globally.

The usefulness we’ve found so far is to help with targeted advertising through Facebook.  The enormous data set that you are given is a bit ridiculous simply because collectively we share a lot of information through to our friends and family and the results in Graph search largely helps to represent the results.

So if you do have Graph Search here’s a few things that you can start with looking up:

Facebook Graph Search

So why is this useful?  Ever had clients who you just couldn’t converse with? How wonderful is it when we find clients who not only value what you do, but also have the same interests and passions as you?

You might not even realise it, but as business owners you often attract the type of people to your business that reflect the beliefs and values that you have.

Not only does this help you connect with the fans you already have but it gives you a data capture of the types of clients you want more of, then you can be use these interests to target more people in Facebook advertising.

Who is the best people to become your newest fans? The friends of your current fans of course!  The whole online economy created by Facebook exists solely to connect us better with each other or rather to help us to connect “online” so we can better connect “offline” and we share it all on Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search
This search string could help us find industry partners, or other pages that can support our brand that we can get involved in with the conversation, not only adding value to those businesses but also providing a gentle reminder to the people that already like your page and these other pages that you’re still there.

The interesting thing that I’ve found by doing this search string is that most of our competitors have clients that I might go so far as to saying we simply don’t want, not because we don’t want more clients, of course we do but having clients that can embrace who we are and are as enthusiastic about the possibilities of Social Media.

If you run a business and you have a few staff and you want to organise a Christmas party or an event to reward your staff this can help avoid those awkward conversations about where should we go this year? Facebook has the answers!

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