5 new Facebook updates for pages you might have missed.

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While working in the space of Facebook for over 8 years we deal with Facebook updates often. Most of us moan at change but at MJ HQ we thrive off change and a murmur of get excitement spreads through the team when a new button shows up. Here are our top 5 neat updates from Facebook that we’ve been using that you might have missed so far.

1. Facebook Sound Collection

For those of you who have followed me over the last 7 years, you would know that I sometimes get a bee in my bonnet over copyright infringement.

Introducing Facebook Sound Collection. Not only can you use over 1000 tracks as the sound backing for your videos without any fear of ramifications of Facebook shutting down your page or removing the content, this adds more depth and helps you along your creative pathways to create better content which has been the main driving factor in post performance with the Facebook algorithms.

It’s free and accessible from your page now. Go to ‘Publishing Tools’ and select ‘Sound Collection’ in the menu on the left-hand side. Not only do you have music tracks you also have sound effects as well. This is a really neat addition to pages especially for those of you who are starting to build and create more video content.

You can read more about it here.

Facebook updates #1: Screenshot of Sound Collection on Facebook.

2. Facebook Automatically Generated Captions

Let everyone who has been using YouTube as a workaround for this rejoice. Something that YouTube has had for some time is a way to automatically generate subtitles/captions. Our workaround for this within Facebook was to upload to YouTube first generate the subtitles, download the SRT file and then upload it to the Facebook video.

This long winded process was a time vortex, and so video creation has been on the back burner for a while.

Why is this such a big deal to us? Captions don’t just help people with a hearing disability, it also gives you access in situational scenarios like when you’re on the train without your headphones. A video I did a few weeks ago received over 1000 views as a result of auto generated subtitles.

Protip. Be mindful of your video lengths. Be aware that these are not going to be perfect and need to be checked through and this takes time, allocate a 2:1 ratio of time to edit the captions. If your video is 10 minutes long allocate 20 minutes to check subtitles. It is definitely a worthwhile endeavor to do these.

Facebook updates #2: Close Captions on Facebook videos.

3. Facebook Product Tagging in Posts

This is a welcomed addition for me, with events coming up and posts related to that it has been a nice out of the way inclusion to add your products in and them being slightly off to the bottom left without being to intrusive. I know nothing about UX design but from my own user experience of buying tickets or booking sessions with people, I’ve found this makes the purchase process a lot easier and seamless.

Facebook updates #3: Product tagging in Facebook page posts.

4. Facebook Page & Group Linking

While this has been around since late last year I feel it is still worth mentioning because not everyone is on board with this change. Long have we had pages and groups as separate entities. Very rarely have the group been managed well or with intended purpose. Having a link to the page gives a bit better structure for long term strategies to include group and community building.

Facebook updates #4: Facebook groups linked to pages.

5. The Return of Facebook Polls

Facebook updates #5: Facebook Polls.

I was surprised to see this return. When we had this tool 10 years ago in the first versions of pages they were not engaged very well and were subsequently removed. Enter in new and revitalized version of Polls and it is a lot cleaner and neater than I remember them to be. The verdict is still out for me on this one as to weather or not it will add any good value content or just be abused to fill the feed with unnecessary drivel.

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