Facebook Thank You. My open letter response to Sheryl, Mark & Facebook.

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Dear Sheryl, Mark & the Facebook team,

Last week you left on my Facebook page a thank you message and I wanted to take a moment out to write a thank you in response and share with you just how much Facebook has provided an abundance of opportunities for myself and others around me.

When I was about seven years old, my parents bought home our first personal computer, it was an 486 IBM and with the loud whirring sound of the dial up modem we were connected to “The Internet” this was in 1988. We’ve come such a long way since then. As I started using the internet more and started teaching myself how to build websites I was using a free web host Geocities that had banner ads that allowed for this service to be free. I remember seeing these banner ads and feeling that there had to be a better way to market, I felt the same way about traditional television, newspaper & magazine advertising.  It was all so tragically disconnected from reality – advertising then (and to some extent still today) was deeply impersonal, distant and robotic, there just had to be a better way.

Fast track forward to 2007 when I joined The Facebook. I had heard from friends it was a good way to re-connect with lost friends and there were so many people I had lost touch with from all over the world that I didn’t really know how else to connect with them, what was the worst that could happen?

Now it is March 3rd, 2015, I run a social media marketing business that allows me to connect to customers, friends and colleagues all over the world, it allows me to help my customers to connect their friends, clients and colleagues in ways that we never could have imagined back in 1988.

Thank you Mark for this enormous opportunity that you have provided to create a future that is my own, thank you for allowing me a space to create opportunities for others, truly thank you.  This year, as a result of ongoing growth in my business I employed Emma, a woman who up until joining the OTOTGo team had been a full time mum for 13 years and struggled to get a job where unemployment in Australia is the highest it’s ever been since 2002.

Facebook has given me the space to create opportunities for those who don’t fit into the traditional education system that was designed for a industrial age, we are in the “age of knowledge” and so much knowledge is free and accessible which is why the Internet.org project makes so much sense, with the world connected we can achieve more.

I’m about to employ my second full time team member to OTOTGo and by the end of this year, based on our trending business growth, I will likely have a team of ten people, in 1988 I never would have dreamed to have had this kind of opportunity, 4 years ago I would have been laughed at if I said I did Facebook marketing, now businesses are paying more attention to the endless possibilities, even if they don’t fully comprehend what that possibility is yet, they’re noticing a change in the air. Facebook is a very big cog in the digital marketing landscape and the ongoing research and development that goes into improving the Facebook user experience is incredible, the changes implemented in the last year is simply leap years ahead of anything else that is out there.  It is my goal that by 2017 I’ll be able to fly myself and the entire OTOTGo team from Perth (the one in Western Australia, not the one in Scotland) to your Facebook office, to shake your hand and thank you personally for the opportunities, jobs, careers & creativity in marketing that Facebook has allowed me to make.

Kind Regards,




Ming Johanson
Social Nerd (Owner) of OTOTGo

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